Merchandise Programs

Merchandise Programs - Red Range

Our 3 Phase process to building your full merchandise range


Need to build a strong corporate identity? Create new revenue streams?

Our merchandise program involves 3 simple stages to create a full range of products that will help achieve your marketing objectives. We will work with you to define your customers and generate an innovative range of promotional product solutions that are suitable for your business.

Make us responsible for the product warehousing, maintenance of stock levels, receipt of orders, dispatch and management of your individual online ordering system.


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Research Phase

-          Define your customers by demographic

-          Brainstorm ideas on products appealing to your audience

-          Present ideas to you and decide on preferences

-          Write official business proposal

-          Assign 1 point of contact for you to work with from the research to implementation stage and beyond.


Development Phase

-          Formulate graphic design examples of all products

-          Begin sampling stage

-          Move to full production once samples confirmation received

-          Build online ordering



-          Train your staff on using the Online Ordering System

-          Process orders real time and have stock sent out directly to your branches

-          Measure results and refresh merchandise options

Merchandise Programs - Blue Range