Traditional single-use coffee cups are one of the largest contributors to waste, second only to plastic bottles. Single-use cups are also lined with plastic and with Aussies using 1 billion of these cups each year a focus on waste reduction is vital. 

CARLTON INC the traders association for Carlton VIC 3053 is responsible for showcasing and supporting all the great aspects of the Carlton business community including food and drink, shopping, business services and entertainment. The organisation reached out to us as they were looking to put together a campaign promoting their social responsibility to local consumers. It needed to integrate well with the cultural and ethical dynamics of the Lygon Street area, fit in with their membership base which is predominantly made up of restaurants and cafes and serve as a tool to keep the local environment clean, directly impacting and reducing waste in the area.  

At the same time the product would need to incentivise people to shop with the local traders, while leaving a good impression and pave the path for returning clientele. 


• Environmentally friendly item

• Item that either sends an environmentally friendly message or reduces waste

• Item to incentivise people to support the local traders and increase customer retention

• Item to compliment Lygon Street’s cultural dynamic.


After segmenting the market for the client, we established that a large portion of the local consumers in Carlton are Uni Students who place an incredible emphasis on current environmental and global warming issues. Generation Z then became a key target market in this campaign. (Amnesty International - The new Future of Humanity survey of over 10,000 18-25-year olds across 22 countries reveals that 41% of respondents cited global warming as the most important issue facing the world.)

The cups, made of eco friendly bamboo fibre were a blank canvas, allowing for a beautiful, full-colour wraparound design. Local artist Sara Sidari was appointed to develop a range of hand-drawn elements highlighting the best that the area has to offer. Historical and iconic landmarks where cleverly applied within the design, for example the Royal Exhibition Building which is in fact one of the worlds oldest remaining exhibition pavilions. Furthermore, the artwork featured traditional Italian pasta dishes, espresso coffee and Italian Aperol Spritz.

Counter cards were developed which educated and attracted consumer attention to the eco friendly aspects of the campaign and the opportunity for a free gift with purchase (being the bamboo cups). The cups naturally would reduce the waste in Carlton which sell hundreds of thousands of coffees per year. 


"Being located in Carlton, New Age is proud to have been able to play a significant role in reducing waste in our local community, with our efforts having a real and measurable impact on the environment. This campaign not only encouraged our local consumers to rethink their coffee cup choices, but also to explore the many wonderful traders in the area, many of which are small family run businesses.

- Roula Tsoukalas, Production Manager @ New Age Promotions


The Bamboo Coffee Cups proved very popular with consumers, with the positive feedback being overwhelming! The local traders saw an increase in spend during the duration of the campaign and required replenishment stock within the first 48hours of putting the cups on display.

Carlton INC, the Lygon St traders and local artist Sara Sidari also received additional advertising opportunities with an increased social media reach as a result of the gift with purchase campaign being promoted online.

The campaign was perfectly executed allowing the locals to engage with Carton INC's message of sustainability. The synergy of the product and the firm’s social responsibility made a lasting impression on the Carlton community.

"Your suggestions, workmanship, customisation and patience helped us generate a great community engaging promotional product that promotes everything Carlton! It was a pleasure working with a team that was as passionate as we are about helping the local community." 

- Executive Officer of Carlton INC



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