Our client announced their sponsorship of The CEO Institute Summit, their most important event on the annual calendar, a conference bringing together leaders from medium to large companies which runs in each capital city of Australia. The 2020 Summit theme was ''Grow'' where current challenges to a business’s ability to Grow have been explored.

Being the major sponsor of the event, Pronto Software required a memorable, unique and thought-provoking branded merchandise piece which would not only serve as a take home gift, but also be used as the centrepiece on each table at the event. The item would need to reinforce the theme (GROW) whilst also highlighting Pronto's brandmark as the major sponsor of the event. 


• A memorable, highly unique, and thought-provoking merchandise piece 

• Aesthetically pleasing and to be used as the table centrepieces at the event 

• Tying into the event theme of ''GROW'' 

• Be well received by C-Level Execs and translate well to their office, desk or home. 

• High perceived value item 

• Fit with the Pronto Software brand look and feel 

• A reminder of the keynote from the event and the Pronto brand


The terrariums were perfectly suited for the client's brief. It was unique, thought provoking and tied in directly with the theme of the event (Grow).

The major components of the item were living plants including a variety of succulents, moss and dirt arranged in an open style terrarium. The outer glass was created out of geometric shape giving a 360 user experience, so no matter where you were seated the terrariums were a beautiful visual. 

New Age Promotions brought the project to life by producing 1100 hand-crafted, customised terrariums shipping nationwide to 5 different locations. All things were taken care of from border restrictions and customs declarations to fumigation and soil treatments.

The branded terrariums were inscribed with the Pronto Software logo and distributed as high-end take home promotional gifts to the attendees of the 2020 CEO Institute Summit. 


“The team went to huge lengths to ensure this campaign ran smoothly, including flying to different cities across Australia to ensure proper delivery and arrangement of the product components. Despite the hurdles, we were able to deliver a product that far exceeded the client’s expectations.” - Peter Demetriou from New Age Promotions


This campaign proved to be a massive hit! Each event in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth had all Terrariums collected by attendees. This meant the crowd not only loved them but that 1100 units would also go back to the target audiences’ homes or office and be a long-term item. The Pronto message and brand would go out to the 700+ businesses that attend the event nationally. 

The attendees were so impressed with the unique gift they shared their positive feedback with the marketing manager and the CEO before turning to social media and creating a buzz around the promotional item. The terrarium not only got the 'wow' factor on the day of the event but gained further organic brand exposure for Pronto Software which extended beyond just the attendees of the event.

 This innovative, refreshingly unique centrepiece item is still flourishing on tables at home and the office months after the event! 

"Exemplified the highest level of skill, knowledge, creativity and professionalism within the Australian promotional product industry!" - APPA JUDGE



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