In 2019 a new retail store and brand was born called The Trybe. The Trybe, a retail store for kids shoes, was created with the objective of allowing kids to define their own style, make their own choices and be themselves. 

Our client reached out to us before the stores opening to help develop a store activation which would capture the Trybe ethos of allowing kids to define their own style. 

They required an interactive experience that would serve as a unique activation of the space and inspire kids to play and be creative whilst their parents shopped. The item would need to compliment other media and the design of the store and be a safe and non-hazardous solution so families could engage with confidence. 


The Trybe Cubes were a simple yet effective activation that allowed the audience to interact with the brand on a physical level.

New Age was appointed to build the custom branded cubes which would be used as part of a large interactive wall display in store. The store activation would allow kids to create, interact, inspire each other and fit seamlessly with the Trybe brand and store fit out.

The cubes themselves were designed to fit within the modular wall and featured 6 different designs on each panel of the cube. They were durable, easy to clean and reflected the vibrant colours of the brand. The cubes were appropriate for use by kids varying in ages from as little as 3 months to 15 years of age (the stores target market), soft in design as a safety aspect, yet firm enough to hold the shape of a cube. 

"This project was quite a challenge given the limited lead time to create a prototype and deliver a customised item! The end result was well worth it with our team seeing first hand the audience engagement at one of the store openings. We viewed many children having a blast with the interactive wall which was fantastic to see!" 

- Roula Tsoukalas, Production Manager @ New Age Promotions


The positive social engagement of this activation was outstanding! As the children interacted with blocks they connected with the brand contributing to the overall consumer experience and leaving a good impression of the brand and it's product. 

As more and more consumers are willing to engage with brands digitally, this was a successful attempt at creating an opportunity to reach consumers on a physical level.

Children of all ages loved this activation. Some of the older children creating patterns with the coloured blocks whilst others knocked the blocks out and put them back in the over and over again. We saw consumers were more likely to purchase if their children were engaged and happy. 

"Project showed excellent creativity, was fun, safe and engaging, which fulfilled the clients brief by taking into account the audience demographic and delivering positive results." - APPA JUDGE



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