How To Use Promotional Merchandise At Your Next Event To Attract New Clients?

How To Use Promotional Merchandise At Your Next Event To Attract New Clients?

Ever feel stuck thinking tradeshows are the only events in town? We've got a game-changer for you! The wider your event horizons, the more your crowd and business will flourish. Forget the myth that techies can only rock IT conferences. From sports bashes to music gigs and local fests, your brand's potential is limitless. But here's the kicker – it's not just about mingling; it's about making real connections with potential clients. Let's dive into how event merchandise can turn heads and create die-hard fans.

Event Merchandise: People Love Freebies!

Freebies are the unsung heroes of grabbing attention. Think about the free food samples at your local market – who can resist? And those free event t-shirts? Pure craziness! Take a glance at your pen stash – bet not many are store-bought. A free product is like a magic wand for grabbing attention, but we'll show you how to turn that attention into sweet revenue.

Choosing Events Wisely: It's Like Picking the Right Ice Cream Flavor

Step one: Choose events wisely. Consider your current crowd and how to mix it up. If you're running a craft brewery pulling in post-college partiers, that's cool, but aiming higher pays off. Imagine attracting higher-paying clients who'll turn your brewery into a buzzing hotspot.

Picking the Right Promotional Products: Skip the Ordinary!

Now, when it comes to handing out goodies, don't be basic. Skip the generic pens; unless you're trying to woo writers, they won't cut it. Get creative and design something people will actually use. For a craft brewery, think a cool beer bottle opener, a snazzy t-shirt, or a classy schooner glass. Why? 'Cause beer lovers will use them, and every sip will remind them of your generosity. It's a give-and-take game – your generosity leads to them choosing your brews.


Businesses can add a fun and engaging twist to their events by organizing a "Bucket Full of Jelly Beans" competition. Imagine a large paint tin filled to the brim with colorful jelly beans, and attendees are invited to take their best guess at the total number of sweet treats inside. This not only creates an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere but also serves as a unique way to attract attention and foster a sense of community among participants. The excitement peaks as participants eagerly await the final count, and the winner, who comes closest to the actual number, gets to take home a delightful prize. Such creative initiatives not only enhance the overall experience for attendees but also leave a positive and memorable impression, setting the stage for future interactions with the business.


Boost your business's event presence by setting up a refreshing Smoothie Stand featuring a unique touch – branded smoothie glass tumblers. This innovative concept not only provides attendees with a delicious and healthy beverage option but also offers them a stylish keepsake in the form of a branded glass tumbler. As customers enjoy their freshly blended smoothies, they do so in a sleek and reusable container that showcases your brand. This not only promotes your business during the event but extends its reach beyond as attendees carry the branded tumblers with them. It's a win-win situation, offering a delightful experience for customers while reinforcing brand visibility and sustainability values. Such thoughtful touches can significantly enhance your business's image and leave a lasting impression on customers.




Elevate your business event with a touch of sophistication by incorporating an "Australian Made Leather Journal with Deboss Monograms Activation Stand." Imagine providing attendees with beautifully crafted leather journals, proudly showcasing the quality of Australian craftsmanship. These journals not only serve as thoughtful and exclusive event giveaways but also feature a personalized touch with deboss monograms. Set up an Activation Stand where participants can witness the skilled artistry of monogramming on their chosen journals, creating a memorable and interactive experience. This not only enhances the perceived value of the giveaway but also leaves attendees with a tangible and bespoke memento. The Australian Made Leather Journal with Deboss Monograms Activation Stand adds a touch of elegance to your business event, reflecting a commitment to quality and personalization that resonates with your brand.


At New Age Promotions, We're Your Growth Partners

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a startup guru. Got event or promotional product ideas buzzing in your head? Drop us a line! We're here to turn your creativity, investment, and a dash of magic into increased revenue. Brace yourself for the magic of event merchandise – it's the secret sauce to building lifelong clients who might just bring in referrals.

Cheers to growing together!


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