Top 20 Welcome Kits Items for New Employees in 2024

Top 20 Welcome Kits Items for New Employees in 2024

It’s all about “surprise and delight”

One of the things that your newly hired employee will love is receiving an early gift. For instance, they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour and go through employee onboarding. By choosing the right products, you can shape how an employee perceives a company.

So, are you the kind of company that puts appreciation front and centre? It all starts with their first impression. It’s all about that big “wow” factor. Their first day should feel like Christmas. It will set the tone not only for their first day but most likely for the rest of their stay.

Workplace Essentials  

In the realm of welcome kits and giveaways, everyday essentials can give you a lot of mileage. For example, people love things that are practical, especially if these are things they could use when they’re in a pinch.

1. Notebook and Pen Pack

2. Memo Pad

Welcome your new team members with the practicality and versatility of our Memo Pads. These compact office essentials go beyond the conventional, providing a dynamic platform for quick note-taking and collaborative ideation. Much like notebooks, Memo Pads become indispensable tools in the bustling work routine of your employees. They offer a swift and efficient means to share important notes during meetings, ensuring that schedules, action items, and crucial details are captured promptly. In the collaborative workspace, these pads serve as silent facilitators, encouraging the exchange of ideas and fostering a sense of teamwork. The immediacy they offer is unparalleled – perfect for jotting down those spur-of-the-moment thoughts or urgent tasks that demand immediate attention. Tailor these Memo Pads to your company's aesthetic, choosing from a variety of designs, sizes, and eco-friendly options. In the hands of your new team members, these pads become not just stationery but catalysts for productivity, organization, and seamless collaboration within your work environment.

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3. Branded Backpack

Elevate your company's reputation to new heights by including our exclusive Branded Backpacks in your welcome kits. As a cornerstone of utility and sophistication, these backpacks transcend the ordinary, providing your new team members with not just a bag but an emblem of premium craftsmanship. Beyond the practicality of carrying essentials, these backpacks become a symbol of the company's commitment to excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they blend functionality with a touch of luxury, offering ample storage space for laptops, notebooks, and other daily essentials. The inclusion of these backpacks in your welcome kit signifies the premium standards your company upholds, making a lasting impression on the recipients. The thoughtfulness embedded in this gesture goes beyond a mere welcome gift; it becomes a tangible representation of your company's dedication to quality, making each new employee feel valued and ready to embark on their professional journey with pride and sophistication. Choose from our curated selection to find the perfect branded backpack that aligns seamlessly with your company's image.

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Accessories and Decoratives

Company swag trinkets are not necessarily as useful as everyday items but they make for great collectible items and bling. To clarify, these can include keychains, fob cases, stickers, or coasters.

4. Keychain


Unlock a world of practicality and style with our Keychain collection, an essential addition to your employee welcome kits. These sleek and durable key chains not only serve as a convenient accessory but also carry the symbolic weight of responsibility and trust. Ideal for companies providing keys for lockers, offices, or even company vehicles, our keychains become a daily reminder of the access and opportunities granted to each team member. Elevate the functionality of these keychains by choosing from our diverse range, which includes versatile options such as tool key rings with built-in bottle openers or mini-torches. These additions transform a simple keychain into a multipurpose tool, aligning perfectly with the dynamic and efficient nature of your company. Each time an employee reaches for their keys, they'll be greeted by a practical and stylish reminder of their role within the organization, fostering a sense of belonging and utility from day one. Explore our keychain options to find the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your unique company culture.

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5. Phone Wallet


Elevate the on-the-go experience for your new team members with our stylish and functional Phone Wallet, a thoughtful addition to your employee welcome kits. This attachable marvel seamlessly combines the convenience of a wallet with the functionality of a cardholder, offering a versatile solution for modern professionals. Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, our phone wallets provide a secure pocket for cards and IDs, eliminating the need for a bulky wallet. The adhesive back ensures easy attachment to the back of smartphones, creating a sleek and streamlined accessory for quick access to essentials. Whether navigating the office or dashing to off-site meetings, employees will appreciate the seamless integration of their wallet and phone, simplifying their daily routine. Showcasing a perfect blend of style and utility, our phone wallets make a lasting impression on new hires, reflecting your company's commitment to both innovation and employee satisfaction. Explore our collection to find the ideal phone wallet that aligns seamlessly with your brand ethos and the dynamic lifestyle of your team.

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6. Die-cut Stickers

Inject a burst of creativity into your employee welcome kits with our vibrant Die-cut Stickers, the perfect canvas for transforming everyday items into branded masterpieces. These stickers are more than just adhesive embellishments; they're a dynamic form of self-expression for your team members. Crafted with precision, our die-cut stickers feature intricate designs that effortlessly convey your company's identity. Their versatile nature allows employees to personalize laptops, phone cases, or any surface, turning ordinary objects into unique company merchandise. These stickers aren't just decorative; they're a statement of individuality, fostering a sense of belonging among your diverse workforce. The appeal lies not only in their eye-catching designs but also in the freedom they provide for personalizing workspaces. As your employees embrace these die-cut stickers, they contribute to a vibrant and engaging company culture, making every workspace uniquely theirs. Explore our collection to find the perfect die-cut stickers that resonate with your brand ethos, adding a touch of creativity to your onboarding experience.

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Dining and Drinkware 

You can also use your welcome kits to give your employees items that they can use at work. This suggests the message that you’re there to help and provide support whenever and wherever.

7. Ceramic Mugs

Elevate the daily rituals of your employees with our Ceramic Mugs – a classic and indispensable addition to your welcome kits. These mugs transcend the boundaries of mere beverage containers, becoming versatile companions in the workplace. Picture your team members sipping on their favorite brew during meetings or enjoying a moment of respite at their desks. The timeless charm of ceramic mugs isn't just about the beverages; it extends to their multifunctional appeal. Beyond coffee or tea, these mugs effortlessly transform into alternative cereal bowls, providing a quick breakfast solution for the busy workdays. With our collection, you're not just offering a mug; you're providing a vessel for creativity and expression. These mugs also double as stylish pen holders, adding a touch of organization to any workspace. Discover the perfect ceramic mug that resonates with your company's vibe, promising a daily dose of comfort and functionality for your valued team members.

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8. Covered Cups

    Introducing our Covered Cups, the epitome of convenience and eco-consciousness in your welcome kits. While ceramic mugs excel in providing a cozy office experience, these covered cups cater to the dynamic, on-the-go lifestyle of your employees. Ideal for those swift coffee runs or tea breaks, these cups eliminate the need for single-use alternatives, aligning with your company's commitment to sustainability. Crafted from durable materials and featuring secure lids, our covered cups ensure that your team can enjoy their favorite beverages without worrying about spills during commutes or outdoor meetings. The versatility of these cups extends beyond beverages; they become a statement piece reflecting your company's dedication to fostering a greener workplace. Elevate the daily rituals of your employees and let them carry a piece of your eco-friendly ethos wherever their work takes them with these stylish and practical covered cups.

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    9. Coffee Cups

      Elevate your employees' coffee experience with our Coffee Cups, a premium addition to your welcome kit that ensures every sip is as warm and fresh as the first. Unlike traditional ceramic mugs and covered cups, our vacuum-insulated coffee cups are designed to maintain the ideal temperature for longer periods. Imagine starting the workday with a hot cup of coffee and returning to it hours later, finding it still at the perfect warmth. These vacuum cups not only enhance the drinking experience but also showcase your company's commitment to providing high-quality, premium items. The sleek design and practicality of these cups make them a standout feature in your welcome kits, leaving a lasting impression on your new hires. Embrace the sophisticated touch of our Coffee Cups, where functionality meets style for an unforgettable onboarding experience.

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      10. Reusable Straws


      Welcome your new employees with a sustainable touch by including our Reusable Straws in your welcome kit. Beyond being a thoughtful gesture, these eco-friendly straws reflect your company's commitment to environmental responsibility. Made from durable and eco-conscious materials, these straws not only reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics but also inspire a culture of sustainability within your organization. Encouraging a greener lifestyle, these straws are not just functional but also a symbol of your company's dedication to making a positive impact on the planet. Embrace the eco-conscious trend and let your employees sip their favorite beverages while contributing to a more sustainable future. The Reusable Straws in your welcome kit will not only be appreciated for their practicality but also for the meaningful message they convey about your company's values.

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      11. Coaster

      Elevate the aesthetics of your welcome kit with our meticulously crafted Coaster. Beyond its functional purpose of protecting surfaces from unwanted stains, this coaster stands out as a stylish and eco-friendly addition. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, it aligns with your company's commitment to environmental consciousness. The puzzle-type design not only adds a touch of creativity to the workplace but also serves as an engaging element during breaks or team gatherings. Its eco-friendly composition contributes to a positive brand image, showcasing your dedication to sustainable practices. This coaster doesn't just hold beverages; it holds the potential to spark conversations and foster a sense of camaraderie among your new employees. Welcome them with a touch of style, sustainability, and a hint of playfulness with our bamboo coaster.

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      12. Lunchbox

        Empower your new employees to savor homemade delights with our thoughtfully curated Lunchbox. Ideal for those who value the wholesome goodness of self-prepared meals, this lunchbox is a practical and stylish addition to your welcome kit. Encourage a healthier and more sustainable approach to lunch breaks as your team members bring their favorite dishes from home. The stackable design enhances convenience, providing organized compartments for various courses. To elevate the experience further, consider including cooler bags to maintain the freshness of their culinary creations. By offering this lunchbox, you not only promote a nutritious eating routine but also underline your commitment to employee well-being. Transform lunchtime into a delightful ritual, fostering a culture where nourishment and productivity seamlessly coexist. Welcome your new team members with a dash of culinary flair, courtesy of our exclusive lunchbox.

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        Basic Wearable Swag

         More than just apparel, company swag helps new employees identify better with the organisation they just joined. Think of it as an identification badge but better. One of the great things about wearable merch is its versatility in design and use.

        13. T-shirt or Hoodie

          Introducing our versatile T-shirt or Hoodie – a wardrobe staple that effortlessly bridges comfort and style for your new employees. Whether they're running errands, attending casual office events, or embracing outdoor activities, these apparel essentials offer the perfect blend of comfort and corporate identity. The classic cotton shirts and cozy hoodies provide a canvas for your company logo, becoming a walking billboard for brand awareness in any setting or weather condition. Embrace the power of casual wear to create a unified and laid-back atmosphere within your team. The T-shirt or Hoodie in your welcome kit isn't just an item of clothing; it's a statement piece that fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among your employees. Elevate their everyday style and proudly showcase your company culture with this timeless addition to your welcome kit.

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          14. Polo Shirt

            Elevate your employee welcome kit with the timeless sophistication of our Polo Shirt. Striking the perfect balance between casual comfort and professional elegance, these shirts are a versatile addition suitable for a range of occasions. Ideal for everyday office wear, team events, or embracing the laid-back vibe of casual Fridays, Polo Shirts exude a polished yet relaxed aesthetic. Crafted with high-quality materials and available in an array of colors and styles, they offer both comfort and a touch of corporate flair. Embrace a cohesive and polished look for your team, where each Polo Shirt becomes a symbol of unity and a testament to your company's commitment to presenting a professional yet welcoming image. Welcome your new employees with this classic wardrobe essential, setting the tone for a workplace where style meets functionality.

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            15. Cap

              Complete your employee welcome kit with the practical yet subtle addition of our Caps. Functionality meets style as these headwear essentials are perfect for shielding from the sun during outdoor events or adding a touch of casual flair to everyday work attire. Caps are versatile, providing comfort and utility in various settings, from team-building activities to casual Fridays. Their "one size fits most" design ensures hassle-free management, making them an ideal inclusion for a diverse workforce. The subtle branding on each cap becomes a wearable symbol of company pride, fostering a sense of belonging among your new employees. Whether it's for shielding from the elements or adding a finishing touch to a casual ensemble, these caps make for a thoughtful and practical addition to your welcome kit, ensuring your team steps out in style while proudly representing your company.

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              The workforce is being filled with generations who grew up with technology. Consequently, you can expect a more gadget-invested team, which means they’ll be much more appreciative of tech accessories and peripherals.

              16. Laptop, Cell Phone, or Tablet Stands

                Elevate the tech-savvy experience for your new employees with our innovative Laptop, Cell Phone, or Tablet Stands. In a world where our gadgets can perform nearly any task, these stands fill the crucial role of holding devices upright, providing convenience and functionality. Whether attending virtual meetings, charging a phone, or working on a tablet, these stands create a hands-free experience, allowing employees to multitask effortlessly. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace, showcasing your commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. As practical desk accessories, these stands are not only popular but also essential in enhancing productivity. Incorporating these stands into your welcome kit sends a clear message – your company values both efficiency and modernity, ensuring your new team members have the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

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                17. Wireless Headphones

                Immerse your new employees in a world of unparalleled sound quality and freedom with our Wireless Headphones. In a era dominated by streaming and on-the-go entertainment, these headphones redefine the auditory experience. Whether enjoying music, tuning into virtual meetings, or catching up on podcasts, the wireless design provides the ultimate convenience, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires. The ergonomic and stylish construction ensures comfort during extended use, making these headphones an ideal companion for the modern workplace. The noise-canceling feature creates a private oasis, allowing employees to focus without distractions. From Bluetooth earbuds to noise-canceling headphones, our collection caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a personalized auditory experience for each team member. By including these cutting-edge wireless headphones in your welcome kit, your company not only prioritizes employee satisfaction but also embraces the evolving landscape of digital connectivity.

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                Fun and Lifestyle 

                When creating your employee welcome kits, thinking outside the box can give that perception of company culture. Surprisingly, giving out items that employees least expect can make them excited and much more open to possibilities.

                18. Scented Diffusers or Candles

                  Elevate the ambiance of your new employees' personal spaces with our exquisite Scented Diffusers or Candles. Beyond mere office accessories, these items transform any environment into a haven of relaxation and tranquility. The carefully curated scents emanating from our diffusers and candles create a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual and auditory aspects of the workplace. Infuse warmth into their workstations or homes with the gentle glow of scented candles, fostering a sense of comfort and well-being. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus, our selection caters to diverse preferences. As they unpack these delightful additions to their welcome kits, new employees will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, setting the stage for a positive and comforting work experience. Explore our store for a range of scents that not only enhance the atmosphere but also express the unique personality of your company.

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                  19. Custom Puzzle Cubes & Table Games

                    Unleash the spirit of camaraderie and creativity with our Custom Puzzle Cubes & Table Games – a delightful addition to your employee welcome kits. Beyond mere entertainment, these games become catalysts for team building and fostering a positive company culture. Whether it's a quick game during breaks, team-building activities, or office parties, these table games create moments of joy and bonding among your new team members. Our curated selection includes an array of engaging options, from puzzle cubes that stimulate problem-solving skills to table games that add an element of friendly competition to the workplace. As new employees unravel these playful additions to their welcome kits, they'll discover a blend of amusement and team-building opportunities, setting the tone for a vibrant and collaborative work environment. Explore our store to discover games that bring joy and unity to your workplace.

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                    20. Stress Ball


                    Introduce a squeeze of tranquility into your employees' workdays with our Stress Ball, a must-have addition to your welcome kits. Crafted with the finest materials, this stress-relief companion is designed to provide instant comfort and relaxation. Perfectly sized to fit in the palm of one's hand, the Stress Ball becomes a go-to tool for moments of tension and pressure. The act of squeezing the ball not only releases physical tension but also serves as a mental reset, promoting a calm and focused mindset. The vibrant colors and resilient build of our Stress Ball ensure durability and long-lasting use, making it a symbolic gesture of your commitment to employee well-being. As new team members discover the soothing benefits of this simple yet effective tool, they'll appreciate the thoughtful touch that sets the tone for a supportive and stress-free work environment. Visit our store to explore the stress-relieving magic of our Stress Ball.

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                    Planning on creating a personalized employee welcome pack for your team?

                    No matter the nature of your business, the right welcome items can leave a lasting impression not only on your company's reputation but also on the satisfaction and productivity of your team. Explore our store to discover a diverse selection of options for each item, including exciting additions from our latest catalog. Your quest for the perfect welcome pack begins here!

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